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Burial Container Guidelines
All materials used in the manufacturing or construction of caskets, burial containers, shrouds, quilts, blankets, clothing, and urns shall be 100% biodegradable and non-toxic.

Materials used must be plant derived, natural, animal, or unfired earthen material, including the shell, liner, handles, fasteners, and adornments of any burial container, shroud, quilt, blanket, clothing, or urn.

Materials used in the manufacturing, construction, and finishing of products used for burial shall not contain plastics, acrylics, or similar synthetic polymeric materials.

Shrouds, quilts, and blankets used  for burial without a casket shall have a natural wood backer (plywood and OSB are not acceptable) no less than 1" thick by 12" wide and the length of the body, to stabilize the decedent during the burial process.
Wooden Casket