Conservation Green Burial Area Conservation Green Burial Area
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Every person/family choosing the Conservation Green Burial Area at Preble Memory Gardens Cemetery for full burial, or for the burial or scattering of cremated remains, will have his/her personal file folder that will include the following:
• Copy of Purchase Agreement
• Financial Obligations and Record of Payments
• Certificate of Ownership
• Burial Site Selection (at time of need)
• Interment Authorizations (at time of need)
• Service Schedule, Burial Permit and Compliance Checklist from servicing funeral home (at time of need)
• Copy of Obituary or other information about the deceased to include name, date of birth,
date of death, and next of kin (at time of need)
• Authorization for Scattering of Cremated remains (at time of need)

Pricing information available in the PDF download on the right side of the page.
Price Sheet