Conservation Green Burial Area Conservation Green Burial Area
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The Ohio Revised Code requires 10% of the purchase price of Interment Rights for each burial space be placed into a trust fund for perpetual care and maintenance of the Cemetery.

The Preble Memory Gardens Cemetery Perpetual Care Trust Fund was established in 1970.  Annual perpetual care trust fund reports are submitted to the State of Ohio - Division of Real Estate - Department of Commerce, Columbus, Ohio, as required by O.R.C.

Future Usage of the Conservation Green Burial Area
A Woodland Stewardship Management Plan for the Conservation Green Burial Area of Preble Memory Gardens Cemetery was developed by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources - Division of Forestry; and a permanent conservation easement has been established with the Three Valley Conservation Trust.

The natural setting and eco-systems of the Conservation Green Burial Area and the interment sites  located  therein, are  protected in perpetuity and cannot at any future date be converted to a conventional interment zone.  Together, these documents establish the land management plan to preserve, restore, and protect the woodland and wildlife of the Conservation Green Burial Area, including integrated pest management and the use of pesticides to eradicate invasive species.