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Interment rights for burial space may be purchased before need or at the time of need. A single grave space will accommodate two burials or one burial and the burial of one cremated remains.  A cremation grave space will accommodate the burial of one cremated remains.  Space selection will be made at the time of need by an authorized representative of Preble Memory Gardens Cemetery.

At the time of purchase, the interment rights for one adjoining space may be made.
Use of said adjoining space shall be designated for use, by name, of a spouse, partner, or immediate family member. This space may not be used for the burial of anyone other than the person named.
For safety reasons, some areas will be “off limits” due to steep, rugged terrain. These areas are only suitable for the scattering of cremated remains.
All disinterments are subject to Ohio law. The charge for disinterment will be three times (3X) the current price of Interment Rights per space. Archeology fees may also apply.
Cremated remains that are scattered are co-mingled and irretrievable.