Conservation Green Burial Area Conservation Green Burial Area
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Usage of Power Equipment, and Prior Notice of Burial
In order to protect the integrity of the natural surroundings, all grave opening and closings for burial and cremated remains  will be hand dug by Cemetery personnel, using minimal power equipment when necessary. Therefore, a minimum of 36 hours must be given prior to burial in the Conservation Green Burial Area.
Interment Regulations
The management of Preble Memory Gardens Cemetery has established fees for interment, including weekend, overtime, holiday and special request interments. Family and friends may help place the decedent into the grave and help fill the grave by first signing a waiver of liability.
Extreme Weather Conditions
Weather plays an important role in the burial process. In the event delays occur due to extreme weather (hard freeze, deep snow, strong winds, freezing or torrential rains, lightning, etc.), other means to temporarily shelter the deceased will be made by Preble Memory Gardens Cemetery.

Use of the Remembrance Courtyard for outdoor ceremonies is included at no additional cost.